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  7 NIGHTS EXPERIENCE BEAUTIFUL GUYANA  from $1246.38 per person
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Fly to Beautiful Guyana

Let Travelspan take you on a Nature Lover's Experience to Beautiful Guyana. Guyana boasts of an irresistible combination of fascinating and breathtaking natural beauty; pristine Amazonian rainforests; immense waterfalls;, amazing wildlife; blended with a vibrant indigenous culture, rich heritage and the most hospitable and friendly people in the world.
A truly memorable, unforgettable and out-of-the-ordinary experience awaits you. Come explore, experience and enjoy!!


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Day 1 - Fly from JFK, New York or other city to Georgetown, Guyana
Transfer from Airport to Hotel of choice

Day 2 - Meal - Breakfast
Enjoy morning City Tour of Georgetown (Optional Tour)
            Then its on to the distillery tour where you will see where the infamous El Dorado rum is made (Optional Tour) 

Day 3 - Meal - Breakfast
Enjoy the World Famous Tour of the Kaiteur Falls (Optional Tour)
You can also mix this tour with Baganara Day tour or Orinduik Falls (Optional Tour)

Day 4 - Meal - Breakfast
Early morning pick for bird watching - Guyana National Bird - Hoatzin Tour (Optional Tour)

Day 5 - Meal - Breakfast
Set out for a day trip to Arrow Point (Optional Tour)

Day 6 - Meal - Breakfast 
            Day at Leaisure

Day 7 - Meal - Breakfast

Day at leisure

Day 8 - Meal - Breakfast
Check out Hotel and transfer to airport.
Fly from Georgetown, Guyana to JFK, New York or other city.



Georgetown City Tour
Georgetown City Tour Day #2
Georgetown the chief port, capital and largest city of Guyana is situated on the right Bank of the Demerara River Estuary. It was chosen as a site for a fort to guard the early Dutch settlements of the Demerara River. The city of Georgetown was designed largely by the Dutch and is laid out in a rectangular pattern with wide tree lined avenues and irrigation canals that criss cross the city. Most of the buildings in the city are wooden with unique architecture dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. For the most part the buildings have Demerara shutters and designed fretwork which trim eaves and windows. Main Street Georgetown provides several excellent examples of old colonial homes, a prime example of which is the State House, built in 1852. The State House is set in large gardens and is painted green and white and has hosted many visiting dignitaries. The Famous Stabroek Market, once described as a “bizarre bazaar”, contains every conceivable item from house hold goods and gold jewellery to fresh meat and vegetables brought to town on the river daily. The clock tower can be seen for miles around and is a famous landmark. The tour will include walking along the Avenues with an experienced guide who will give you the history, rumour and facts on Georgetown and its citizens. The group will be accompanied at all times by a vehicle, which will be used for travel between areas of interest. Along the way visitors will sample local exotic fruits, snacks and refreshments. During the tour there is always the opportunity to purchase that unusual gift or unique Guyanese handicrafts, or for the daring the chance to delve into the gold and diamond market.
Demerara Distillery Tour
Demerara Distillery Tour Day #2
At the Diamond Distillery, visitors will see first hand how the company has maintained the standards and methods of the age-old industry; working in tandem with the most up to date facilities and equipment. The unique blends of these rums are produced from a combination of Continuous Stills, Wooden Coffey Stills and Wooden Pot Stills. If the idea of rum conjures nothing more than visions of bad cocacola-mixed cocktails or high-octane/high-headache mojitos, then you're bound to be wowed by the output of this 50+ year old facility on the east banks of the Demerara River. El Dorado rum - the signature output of this venerable facility - regularly bests a long list of respectable Caribbean competitors and turns out to be a Guyanese souvenirs well worth carting home. Those who appreciate good scotch or brandy are especially likely to appreciate El Dorado 12 and 15- year sipping rums and quite-expensive single-barrel bottles. The tour is a 90-minute hard-hat affair, taking you directly into the hot, smelly, and noisy innards of the busy factory and barrel warehouse to observe each step of the production process. Modern savalle, Coffey, and tri-canada stills are the center of activity as are fully operational but semi-ancient wooden stills in the older section of the facility (those wooden stills are the oldest in commercial production anywhere in the world). With Chief Distiller Karl Kanto or one of his deputies at the helm of your visit, you can expect an impassioned education on the art and science of rum manufacturing leading to a finer appreciation of a product that is emerging (along with tequila) as the new 'in' choice among those who appreciate spirits.
Kaiteur Falls
Kaiteur Falls Day #3
A tour to Kaieteur Falls is one of the most enjoyable one-day tours in the world. Kaieteur’s breath taking single drop of 741ft is bragged as the highest in the world. It’s located in the heart of the rainforest on one of the world’s largest sandstone plateaus. Discover Kaieteur’s phenomenal attractions such as the Giant Bromeliads, insect eating plants, spot the beautiful cock of the rock bird and the golden frog, found only at Kaieteur Falls. Enjoy an adventurous walk around the water falls to view from several choice vantage points. This experience to the mighty and majestic Kaieteur is the closest to nature and God you will ever feel.
Kaieteur Falls & Baganara Island Day Tour
Kaieteur Falls & Baganara Island Day Tour Day #3
An unbeatable combination of the Majestic Kaieteur Falls and a scenic rainforest trek, followed by the luxurious comforts of the beautiful island resort of Baganara, Your afternoon can be as relaxing or adventurous as you desire. You will be transferred by bus to Ogle Airstrip to board an aircraft. The first destination, the Kaieteur Falls, situated on the Potaro River, boasts a single drop of 741 feet -- five times the height of Niagara Falls. After two hours at Kaieteur, you will embark on a fifty minute flight to Baganara Island Resort. You will be invited to spend the afternoon just relaxing or choosing from a variety of activities such as canoeing, fishing, table tennis or volleyball to name a few; after you have enjoyed our delicious buffet lunch. The return flight leaves the island at 3pm and the tour closes with an aerial tour of the Garden City, Georgetown.
Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls
Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls Day #3
The Kaieteur Falls which was first seen by a European on April 29, 1870 is situated in the heart of Guyana on the Potaro River, a tributary of the Essequibo. The water of Kaieteur, one of the world’s natural wonders, flows over a sandstone conglomerate tableland into a deep gorge - a drop of 741 feet or 5 times the height of Niagara Falls. There are no other falls in the world with the magnitude of the sheer drop existing at Kaieteur. Amerindian legend of the Patamona tribe has it that Kai, one of the tribe’s chiefs (after whom the falls is named), committed self sacrifice by canoeing himself over the falls. It was believed this would encourage the Great Spirit Makonaima to save the tribe from being destroyed by the savage Caribishi. Kaieteur supports a unique micro environment with Tank Bromeliads, the largest in the world, in which the tiny Golden frog spends its entire life and the rarely seen Guiana Cock- of-the-rock nesting close by. The lucky visitor may also see the famous flights of the Kaieteur Swifts or Makonaima Birds which nest under the vast shelf of rock carved by the centuries of water, hidden behind the eternal curtain of falling water. The Orinduik Falls is where the Ireng River thunders over steps and terraces of solid jasper, a semi precious stone. With a backdrop of the rolling grass covered hills of the Pakaraima Mountains, this is truly one of the most beautiful locations in Guyana’s hinterland. Its name is derived from the Amerindian (Patamona) word, Orin, which is the name of an aquatic plant found in these falls. The Ireng River forms the border between Brazil and Guyana. In contrast to Kaieteur, Orinduik is ideally suited for swimming and you will find natural Jacuzzi’s as the falls tumble down the steps of Jasper. Guyana’s most popular day trip takes in both of these spectacular falls. The trip departs from Ogle Airstrip and lasts 7 to 8 hours with two hours spent on the ground at each water fall. Pickup Time at either Cara Lodge or Guyana Pegasus: 0815 – 0830hrs, Flight departs at 1000hrs dependant on weather Rates Include: Airport transfers, snack, lunch, drinks, guide and national park registration Note: Flights to Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls are operated on chartered aircraft and all flights have a minimum passenger restriction. Therefore, any booking to Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls is subject to a minimum of 13 passengers being available to travel. In most cases we are able to fill flights, especially if scheduled for a weekend. However, in the rare case that we cannot meet the required numbers you will be offered the option of rescheduling the trip to another day during your stay, a full refund for that portion of the trip, or an alternative trip. In many cases we can offer a trip to Kaieteur Falls and Baganara Island Resort as an alternative, which means you see the major falls of Kaieteur, but miss Orinduik.
Guyana National Bird - Hoatzin Tour
Guyana National Bird - Hoatzin Tour Day #4
At 0530hrs pickup and transfer eastward from Georgetown to the Mahaica River. This is one of the best places to spot Guyana's national bird, the hoatzin (Opisthocomus Hoatzin), also known as the Hoatzin, Stinkbird, or “Canje Pheasant". This odd bird is an unusual species of tropical bird found in swamps, reverie forest and mangrove of the Amazon and the Orinoco delta in South America. It is a pheasant-sized bird about 65 cm(25 in) long, with a long neck and small head. It is brown in colour, with paler under parts and has an unfeathered blue face with maroon eyes, and its head is topped by a spiky, rufous crest. The chicks are unusual in that two of their wing digits possess claws. The hoatzin is herbivorous; it eats leaves and fruit, and has an unusual digestive system with an enlarged crop which functions as a rumen. It also produces a horrible smell to scare away potential predators. Our journey down the Mahaica River begins in the small commercial area near the main coastal road. The river bends away from the road and takes us through an area that has been largely cultivated for sugarcane and other agriculture but, fortunately for us, the area surrounding the river itself has been well preserved and provides an excellent riverfront ecosystem inhabited by flocks of egret, heron, ibis, various marsh tyrants, and of course the hoatzin. Duration: 4 hours inclusive of transfers Includes: Transport, guide and boat transfer, packed breakfast, water and juice VAT
Arrowpoint Day Trip
Arrowpoint Day Trip Day #5
A short boat ride across the Demerara River takes you to the mouth of the Kamuni Creek where the dream unfolds. Dark shimmering water wafts you through a corridor of overhanging vegetation, interrupted only by wide expanses of savannahs and swamp forests. The serenity of Arrowpoint Nature Resort is your counterpoint to the stress and anxiety of life elsewhere. The jungle trails offer the gifts of solitude, tranquility and repose. The visitor walking leisurely through the trails is not a lost soul, but a person at peace and at one with the environment. Time ceases to matter when a gently swaying hammock makes you forget what day of the week it is. Thoughts of home fade when you lie on the white sands beside the water’s edge and are awakened much later by the sounds of evening birds preparing to retire. Within the heart of the Santa Mission Amerindian Reserve lies Arrowpoint, the very gift of nature. A stretch of white sandy beach and a cluster of comfortable, inviting thatched roof lodges are the forecourt to the tropical jungle ambiance behind. Those visitors, who are fond of physically challenging outdoor activities will find the well marked jungle trails impossible to resists...walking or mountain biking, a game of beach volley ball, swimming, canoeing, riding the surf bikes. Rate Includes: road transfer from Roraima Residence Inn Lobby (Eping Avenue) and river transfers, VAT, lunch, drinks, morning and afternoon snack, activities, also visit to the Amerindian village of Santa Mission.

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